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Apple News Plus launch means Texture app shuts down on May 28 for Android

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When Apple purchased digital magazine service Texture back in March 2018, it was only a matter of time until Apple would spawn a new service. Lo and behold, Apple announced Apple News Plus earlier this week during its services-focused event.
Unfortunately for Android users and others without Apple devices, Texture announced earlier today that the service will shut down May 28, 2019. Texture users can presumably still use the service in full until then, with existing customers offered a one-month free trial to Apple News Plus.
However, the news must sting for existing Texture users who don’t own a Mac or iOS device. Apple News Plus is only available for Apple devices, which means Android users can’t even try out the new service unless they visit the Apple Store.
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Also keep in mind that the one-month free Apple News Plus trial offered to current Texture users is the same deal that all new Apple News Plus subscribers get. Lastly, it’s a bit surprising that there isn’t an Android version of Apple’s new service when the company published and continually updates its Apple Music app on the Google Play Store.
The only silver lining we can see is that Apple News Plus expands on what Texture offers. Apart from magazines, Apple News Plus also provides access to newspapers like The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Toronto Star. It also provides access to online publications like theSkimm, The Highlight by Vox, New York Magazine’s Vulture, and more.
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Save big on professional Six Sigma certification training

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Contrary to popular belief, a college degree is not mandatory for a career in business. You can get your foot in the door with a little hard work and a certification or two, like the kind you could earn with the Complete Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Training Bundle.
You can pick up this e-learning package now for just $29.99, a savings of over 95 percent off its normal value.
These two courses offer all the prep you’ll need to become a skilled and certified project manager. Students will be introduced to one of the leading methodologies in the industry and be fully prepared to help businesses run efficiently and be as profitable as possible.
Train for the next step in your career.
The best part of this program is just how flexible it is. The courses are delivered online, so you can set your own schedule and, as long as you finish within a year, can go at your own pace. That means you can continue working while you train for the next step in your career.
Once you’ve completed both courses, you’ll be fully prepared to take — and pass — the Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification exams, which will look pretty impressive on your resume.
Here’s what you get:

Score over $2,000 worth of pro training for just $30.
Prepare to ace certification exams that could propel you into a new career.
Enjoy the flexibility to learn when you want, where you want, and how you want.
Take up to one full year and go at your own pace.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already on the project management bandwagon, you could get more out of your career with these certifications.
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Apple unplugs long-delayed AirPower wireless charger

Apple today said it has cancelled plans to release a wireless charger for its iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The company first revealed AirPower in September 2017 and suggested it would arrive by early 2018. More than 18 months later, the product still hasn’t reached store shelves. Apple has scrapped it.
“After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have cancelled the project,” said Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, in a statement emailed to TechCrunch. “We apologize to those customers who were looking forward to this launch. We continue to believe that the future is wireless and are committed to push the wireless experience forward.”
The charging pad’s absence had become a running joke for the last few months as people have begun to question the product’s legitimacy. A handful of Apple events came and went with no further mention of AirPower.
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What’s more, …
When first revealed, Apple said the pad would be able to charge two devices simultaneously and deliver the proper charge to each device. The company envisioned that people might charge their iPhone and AirPods on the pad at the same time. The iPhone would also be able to supply real-time information about the charging status of each device.
This isn’t the first time Apple products have failed to launch, or failed to launch on time. The original AirPods were delayed and even once they began shipping initial quantities were strictly limited.
Apple did not provide a specific reason for cancelling AirPower other than its inability to “achieve our high standards.” That’s marketing speak for “we just couldn’t get the darned thing to work.”
Speculation about engineering challenges has run rampant, mostly pertaining to thermal issues. Managing heat is important when imparting electricity to lithium-ion batteries. AirPower was shown alongside the first iPhones to support wireless charging, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.
“Apple cancels products before shipping them all the time — but it keeps its entire product development process secret,” noted Avi Greengart, lead analyst at Techsponential to Android Authority. “It is unusual, though not unprecedented, for Apple to announce products long before they ship. It is downright rare for Apple to cancel products that it has announced. So this is definitely not normal operating procedure for Apple. Of course, it is just an accessory, and there are plenty of alternatives that do essentially the same thing, if not as elegantly.”
Other companies have been able to bring similar wireless chargers to market successfully. In August 2018, for example, Samsung released the Wireless Charger Duo, which can handle two phones, or a phone and Galaxy watch at the same time. The Wireless Charger Duo is available online for about $65.

Google leaks the Nest Hub Max: 10-inch smart display with camera

Last year, Google had to deal with a massive early leak of the Google Pixel 3, with multiple prototypes sold on the black market in Europe. Today, though, Google is dealing with a different kind of leak: the leak of the as-yet-unannounced Nest Hub Max.
The leak (first spotted by Android Police) originates from the “Connected Home” section of the Google Store. There, you can see the cross section of a model home and click on various details to see how Google and Nest products can make your life easier and more secure.
If you click on the Google Home Hub options littered throughout the house, you can read all about the Nest Hub Max, which seems to be a larger Google Home Hub with a built-in camera.
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The descriptions lead us to believe the device will have a 10-inch HD display, stereo speakers, a Nest cam, and have the ability to alert you of motions and sounds in the vicinity of the hub. These are all features that don’t exist on the Google Home Hub.
It’s also very likely the device will have all the capabilities of the Google Home Hub — namely a touch display, precise control over smart home devices, and Google Assistant built in.
There’s nothing about price or release date, although it’s possible this product could be announced at Google I/O 2019, which is only about a month away. We’ve reached out to Google for a statement on this matter and will update this article should we hear back.
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Sony might slash 2,000 jobs from mobile division by 2020

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According to a new report from Nikkei Asian Review, Sony mobile is about to experience a tectonic shift. The report alleges that Sony will cut its mobile division in half by 2020.
If this is true, it will result in roughly 2,000 people either losing their jobs or getting shifted to a new department at Sony.
It should be noted that Nikkei Asian Review does not cite a source in its article on this matter. However, the publication is highly-regarded and trustworthy.
Besides, although this news is disappointing to hear, it’s not exactly unexpected. Just yesterday, Sony announced it was shutting down a factory that primarily makes smartphones. The company also moved its mobile division into another division that makes TVs, cameras, and audio gear. It’s assumed Sony did this to help hide just how much money its mobile division is losing.
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Reportedly, Sony mobile lost $1 billion in 2018.
This also isn’t the first time Sony has performed a massive job cut to its mobile division. In 2009, Sony cut 1,000 jobs from mobile and then cut another 2,000 in 2015. Both cuts were due to slow sales of mobile phones.
We reached out to Sony asking about this rumor but didn’t hear back before press time.
Sony’s most recent smartphone is the $1,000 Sony Xperia 1.
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Deal: Get the Google Home Hub for almost 50% off (Flash sale, hurry!)

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If you’re in the market for a smart display, the Google Home Hub is arguably your best choice. The good news is that the best choice is now one of the most affordable — MassGenie currently offers the Home Hub for $79.95, the lowest price we’ve seen for Google’s smart display.
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Living up to its name, the Home Hub acts as a central hub for all of your compatible smart home devices. From light bulbs and security cameras to thermostats and smart switches, you can use your voice and Google Assistant to control your home how you see fit.
However, voice isn’t the only interaction you can have with the Home Hub — the device sports a seven-inch touchscreen that lets you view recipes, videos, song lyrics, calendar appointments, and more.
$150 was already a decent price to pay for the Home Hub, but $79.95 almost makes this a no-brainer. The price even beats out the $99 Black Friday price we saw this past November. Make sure to click the link below to get this great deal.
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Android security review 2018: Huge boost in device security updates

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Google just revealed the Android Security & Privacy Year in Review 2018 report. The annual report sums up how well Google is doing at protecting Android users from security and privacy breaches.
According to the report — which Google creates and disperses — the company is doing a great job at protecting users from potentially harmful apps (PHAs). The report states that in 2018, only 0.08 percent of devices that used the Google Play Store exclusively for app downloads were affected by PHAs.
There are around two billion Android devices worldwide, but millions of those devices either don’t use the Play Store exclusively or don’t use it at all (such as the millions of devices in China). With that in mind, the amount of devices affected by PHAs is likely comparatively quite small.
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However, the devices that don’t use the Play Store exclusively also saw some progress in 2018. According to the report, those devices saw a 15 percent reduction in malware rates as compared to the previous year.
Check out this YouTube video of Dave Kleidermacher, Vice President of Android Security and Privacy, running down what’s new in this report:

Quite possibly the most interesting stat from the report, though, is that in the final quarter of 2018, there were a whopping 84 percent more devices receiving a security update than in the same quarter the prior year.  That’s terrific news and an example of how smartphone OEMs are finally getting better at keeping devices up-to-date.
Click the button below to read the full report for yourself.
Android Security Report 2018

Google Assistant integration with Chrome might be coming to Android

With Google I/O 2019 right around the corner, 9to5Google noticed a new Chromium code change that indicates Google Assistant is headed to Google Chrome on Android.
According to the code change, Google will run a demo of what’s called “Autofill Assistant” during its upcoming developer conference. Some pieces of code are even labeled triggerGoogleIOStuff, which lends additional credence to Google showing off the feature during an onstage demo.
As for the demo, the code cobbles together an example of Google Assistant knowing that you have an upcoming trip to Chicago. Chrome will then display an Assistant card based on what the virtual assistant knows about your trip.
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From there, the card offers a rental car booking through National Car Rental. We don’t know when exactly the card pops up, though some details point to certain websites triggering Assistant. For example, navigating to National Car Rental’s website might bring up an Assistant card that suggests a booking based on where you’re going.
As the name implies, Autofill Assistant then uses your travel information to automatically fill out empty fields and gets payment information from cards saved in Chrome. For example, Assistant could fill out the pick-up and drop-off locations of your car rental. You can also go into Assistant and change any of this information.
The good news is that Autofill Assistant doesn’t only work with car rentals — 9to5Google also noticed that the feature worked with movie ticket purchases. Whether we will see the feature work with other purchases is anyone’s guess, though we’ll likely learn more during Google I/O 2019.
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300-strong UK pub chain bans smartphone voice calls in every location

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If you frequent pubs in the United Kingdom that bear the Samuel Smith name, you might want to watch your smartphone usage. According to a new internal company memo leaked by Manchester Evening News, the pub chain — which boasts more than 300 outlets — is banning all customer smartphone calls.
If a customer wants to make a call, they will have to exit the building and do so outside, similar to how smokers have to do the same when they want to smoke.
The phone call ban is an effort to keep the face-to-face conversational atmosphere of a traditional pub intact. The use of tablets and laptops are also banned, both inside and directly in front of pubs.
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It should be noted that smartphone use isn’t banned completely: you can still check emails and text messages. However, you can’t “receive transmitted pictures of sport or download music apps,” for some reason.
This isn’t the first time Samuel Smith pubs have instituted an unconventional rule. The pubs already ban music and televisions and there is also a zero tolerance policy on the use of profanity.
Humphrey Smith, the owner of the brewery, does everything he can to preserve the traditional spirit of the pubs as started by the original Samuel Smith in 1758. According to the brewery’s website, the company also tries to adhere to famous author George Orwell’s vision of a perfect pub experience as written in his essay “The Moon Under Water.”
Landlord Oisin Rogers, who runs The Guinea Grill in an upper-class area of London, said Mr. Smith was “going all Willie Wonka again” with the latest ban.
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Gonzalo Higuain retires from international football

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Buenos Aires, March 29: Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain has announced his retirement from international football at the age of 31.
Higuain has not played for the Albiceleste since last year’s World Cup in Russia as manager Lionel Scaloni looks to revamp his squad for this year’s Copa America, reported Xinhua news agency.
“My cycle with the national team is finished,” the Chelsea player told Argentine television on Thursday. “A lot of people will be happy to know that, others maybe not so much.
“I’ve made the decision because I want to enjoy my family. I want to spend time with my daughter and at the same time I feel that I gave my country everything I could. I’m fully focused on my commitment to Chelsea.
“The Premier League is amazing and I really want to enjoy it. It’s very competitive indeed,” added the former Real Madrid and Napoli forward who joined Chelsea on loan from Juventus in January.
Higuain is sixth on the list of Argentina’s all-time top scorers with 31 goals in 67 matches in an international career that spanned a decade.
But he has been criticized for missing key scoring chances in the finals of the 2014 World Cup and the Copa America in 2015 and 2016.
“People remember the goals I missed and not the ones I scored. I’m sure everyone celebrated the goal against Belgium (the winner in the 2014 World Cup quarter-final),” he said.
“When you criticize someone maliciously, it hurts everyone. I saw how much my family suffered, but I gave everything for the national team. It’s one thing to say that the national team did not achieve our objectives, but when people talk about failure it’s very hard.”