This annual fee includes Em’s premium support

InDesign Server Licensing .

Adobe defines four types of server licenses at InDesign CC Server

under the “Licensing” tab Premium, Limited, Developer and Trial.
We can provide free, time-limited (usually 90 days) but otherwise full server licenses for the watermarked Developer and Trial version s of InDesign Server, for both end-user and VAR/OEM cases.

For Premium (public-facing) and Limited (in-house) InDesign Server licenses

we sell annual licenses, locked to a specific server license.
This annual fee includes Em’s premium support, and includes all major and minor upgrades that are released during the license term ( maintenance ).
Our products, part numbers and annual licensing costs (in US dollars) for the two levels of InDesign Server are: Premium Limited product SKU annual SKU annual DocsFlow Server IKSP1 $2950 IKSL1 $950 InCatalog Server ICSP1 $2950 ICSL1 $950 InData Server IDSP1 $2950 IDSL1 $950 WordsFlow Server IWSP1 $2950 IWSL1 $950 Xtags for InDesign Server ITSP1 $2950 ITSL1 $950 Ordering.
Credit-approved companies can order our server products with an official purchase order in PDF form (no scans), emailed to [email protected], with 30-day payment terms, specifying: your standard purchase order information (company name, accounts receivable (billing) address, email address , phone number, purchase order number, any VAT number, etc.); the product name, part number (SKU), and quantity of each Em server plug-in product being ordered; the InDesign Server license to which each Em license should be bound (if you are ordering a total of n Em licenses, you’ll need to specify n InDesign Server licenses).
(This may be specified in separate communication , but is required before we can process the order.).
The 12-month license period will begin the day we send the invoice, .

Which will specify the Em server plug-in product license(s) purchased

We’ll also send download and installation information for each plug-in product.


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