Take the Simbli Board Effectiveness Challenge and find out

BOARD MANAGEMENT MADE EASY The first and only comprehensive board management software solution for effective board governance.


Simbli’s ‘Core Four’ includes integrated modules that help boards maximize productivity, bringing together meetings, planning, policies, and evaluations into one easy to use board management software solution.
Streamline meeting agenda preparation and provide easy and secure access to meeting materials.
Build and align your policies, meeting agendas, and evaluations around your strategic plan .
Develop, communicate, and collaborate on policies and procedures in real time.
Prepare and conduct board self-assessments, leader evaluations, and organization al reviews.

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How Effective is Your Board?.
Board effectiveness can be difficult to measure.
Research shows however, highly effective boards share a common set of characteristics that help them get more done.
Where does your board fall along the continuum of board effectiveness .
Take the Simbli Board Effectiveness Challenge and find out.
Driving Effective Process.
Effective boards must overcome diverse challenges and constraints if they are to perform effectively.
Some of these challenges are structural, some arise from external pressures, while others stem from poor team dynamics or shortcomings in values, capabilities and focus.
How well is your board driving effective process.
Owning the Strategy.
Effective boards ensure all members contribute to developing and taking ownership of the strategy.
The more a board understands and owns the strategy, the more responsive it can be to help seize opportunities when they arise.
How well is your board owning the strategy.

Ensuring Continuous Improvement

Effective boards create a climate and culture where continuous improvement is encouraged and rewarded.
Professional development, team building, and training is part of the long-term board strategy and high priority as the board looks to grow and improve.
How well is your board ensuring continuous improvement.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE Lower Costs and Save Valuable Time

Cost Savings Calculator.
The annual cost of board meetings can be substantial.
Printing, collating, assembling, delivering, revising – all consume valuable time and result in added expense.
Simbli’s board management software reduces both the time and expense associated with board meeting preparation and delivery.

Try our ‘Cost Savings Calculator’ and see for yourself





CALCULATE MY COSTS The Trusted Source for Online Board Governance.
For more than a decade, eBOARDsolutions has worked together with our distinguished partners to help boards and the people that work with them get more done.
Understanding the Needs.
A Tool for Boards, Built by Board Members.
It’s been said necessity is the mother of invention.
Such was the case with Simbli.
Our award-winning board management software was originally created by a group of board members to help them work more efficiently and effectively.
More than a decade later.

Simbli has become the most comprehensive board governance solution in the market

making it the clear choice for boards looking to get more done.

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eBOARDsolutions and Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) establish partnership to bring Simbli’s paperless board management software solution to member.
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MORE eBOARDsolutions has allowed us to stay informed and on task to manage the important work of educating students.
The accessibility, ease of use and functionality of the platform allows great mobility to balance our board and professional careers.
Katrina Young – Board MemberRockdale County Schools, GA.
Simbli is essential to the management of the school system in order to ensure we are effective, transparent and accountable to the people who matter most – our students.
Jason Branch – Superintendent Oconee County Schools, GA.
SImbli has been instrumental in our efforts in managing, streamlining, and aligning the work of our district at both the system and school levels.
It is our one-stop communication tool.

Wanda Creel – Superintendent Gainesville City School System

Doing more and saving more – despite limited resources Simbli is quickly becoming the primary resource for information in the district – and it’s helping board members get more done.
Valery Lang Hall – Governance Coordinator.

Simbli delivers savings and increases productivity

Efficiency is critical and you want to be able to create and edit HOA packets on the fly.
You also need a better way to keep outside users up to speed on policies, documents, and your strategic plan.
That’s why we chose eBOARDsolutions.
Todd Beebe – First Service Residential.
Simbli’s Strategic Planning Software is a state-of-the-art tool that will strategically connect plan management, performance measurement, and communication in a powerful package to help school systems improve student achievement.
It is the most powerful electronic suite of improvement tools available to school districts.
Scott Cowart – Superintendent Carroll County Schools, GA.
We believe in the importance of strategic planning.
eBOARDsolutions has given us the ability to allow the strategic plan to drive the district instead of the district driving the strategic plan.
Chris Neale – Superintendent Gasconade R-1 School District, MO.
eBOARDsolutions Board Policy Management software helps us be more transparent and accountable to our stakeholders by allowing us to use the system to easily collect input on draft policies.
Glenda Johnson – Superintendent Secretary Harris County Schools, GA.
eBOARDsolutions allows us to streamline the management of our board policies as well as provide our community and staff members with immediate access to them online in a convenient, searchable way.
Joseph White – Board Member Mitchell County Schools, GA.
eBOARDsolutions has allowed us to streamline our board work in an efficient and effective manner.
Alignment to state standards, accessibility, organization and policy management has given us an easier way to accomplish our goals.
Ralph Teran – Superintendent Grandview C4 School District, MO.
Simbli’s Board Performance Evaluation software stimulates evaluators to prove that the actions they are asking of subordinates indeed further the strategic priorities of the district and the Superintendent.
Phyllis Edwards – Former Superintendent City Schools of Decatur, GA.
Whether a district accreditation, board self-assessment, or my own superintendent evaluation, Simbli’s Board Performance Evaluation software provides an online tool that supports the alignment, documentation of evidence and assessment of our work.

Wanda Creel – Superintendent Superintendent

Gainesville City School System, GA.
Our policy review process is organized, everything is in one place, it is historical and archived, and the information does not get lost in never-ending chains of emails.
Kathy Meyers – Board Secretary Grandview Board of Education, MO.


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