Customer experience impacts all… – Downloads

Downloads Downloads.
, – Downloads, 7 May 2020 Team Engagement: The #1 Strategy to Maintain Motivation.
Home working isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The novelty has worn off and managers need to step up… – Downloads

4 May 2020 White Paper: Engage with your customers in conversation.
Write the story of your brand as you engage with your customers in conversation In an era which saw an… – Downloads, 28 April 2020 Contact Centres Guide to Maximising Voice Technology.
Speechmatics publishes new guide providing ten recommendations for contact centres to maximise voice technology for better customer interactions Speechmatics have… – Downloads, , – Reports, .

ContactBabel 9 December 2019 2019-20 UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers Guide

“The 2019-20 UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide”

based on surveys with 226 UK organisations and 1,000+ interviews with UK consumers,… – Downloads, , 3 December 2019 Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark.
Contact centre leaders know the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations to drive brand loyalty and win in today’s… – Downloads, , – Reports, ContactBabel, Enghouse Interactive 19 October 2019 Free Download – CX Decision Makers Guide 2019-2020.
Create exceptional customer experience s and set yourself apart from your competition What do my customers want.
Customer experience impacts all… – Downloads, 4 October 2019 All Consumers Want is Responsive Customer Service .
New YouGov Research Shows Consumers of All Ages Want Responsive Customer Service and Data Security Nearly two-thirds would pay more… – Downloads, , – Reports, .

ContactBabel 25 September 2019 The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics

“The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics”

the 4th edition of the definitive research into the use of contact… , – Reports 30 August 2019 2019 Contact Centre WFM Benchmark Report.
The Current State of Workforce Management in the Global Contact Centre Landscape injixo 2019 Contact Centre WFM Benchmark Report How… – Downloads, .

3 July 2019 The Contact Centre Manager Handbook to Agent Happiness

The contact centre Manager Handbook to Agent Happiness – Evaluagent A guide by Evaluagent for leaders and managers in the… – Downloads, , – White Papers 5 June 2019 Are Customers Losing Patience with your Customer Service ?.
Are customers losing patience with your customer service .
White Paper from 8×8 ‘Importance of Customer Service – Value of Speed’… – Customer Experience, – Downloads, .

20 May 2019 How to Personalise the Customer Experience

Recent independent research by Opinion Matters showed that customers want to know why you’re calling them and where you got… – Downloads, .

23 April 2019 Customer Experience Puts Pressure on Contact Centre Agents

New Study Reveals Heightened Complexity of Customer Experience Increases Pressure on the Front Line contact centre agents Every day, contact… – Downloads, , Conn3ct 6 March 2019 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Customer Service .
Download the guide: 3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your Customer Service Capabilities Amazon Connect is providing businesses with a… – Downloads, , Content Guru 28 February 2019 White Paper : Intelligent Chatbots in Contact Centres.
White Paper Download – Intelligent Chatbots in the Contact Centre The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over recent years give… , – Social Media/Digital/AI, .

ContactBabel 15 February 2019 Inner Circle Guide AI & Chatbots in Contact Centres

The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning in the contact centre “The Inner Circle Guide to AI,… – Downloads, , – Social Media/Digital/AI, Britannic Technologies 13 February 2019 The World is Going Digital And There’s No Escape.
The world is going digital.
And there’s no escaping it.
Disruptive times lay ahead.

And for those willing thrive with… – Downloads

, – PCI DSS, – Reports, Syntec 5 February 2019 De-scoping from PCI DSS in the Contact Centre.
De-scoping from PCI DSS in contact centres: DTMF masking becomes the new standard The third edition of Syntec’s FREE research… – Downloads, , Conn3ct 13 December 2018 Map Your Contact Centre Environment to the Customer Journey.
eBook: Map Your Contact Centre Environment to the Customer Journey Consumers want a valued interaction and not to be treated… 2 3 … 10 ».


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