Solutions for Learning Companies

Solutions for Learning Companies .

Powering K-12 learning products with advanced interoperability and learning standards

Leading edtech companies and digital publishers rely on the same powerhouse of enabling technologie s that underpin Certica’s assessment and analytic solutions.
Digital learning providers want to offer a seamless experience for content search, product interoperability, and data exchange .

That’s why Certica is the go-to source for more than 200 digital learning providers

Certica offers the largest collection of digitized learning standards to align instruction al and assessment content.
We enable you to tag digital learning content so that it can be indexed, searched, and discovered.
And we simplify application and data interoperability with our Ed-Fi®-powered integration platform.

Our Solutions for Learning Companies

Learning Standards.
Content Tagging.

Data Integration & Interoperability

Certica is the partner of choice for more than 200 learning companies

Ready to power up your edtech products.


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