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WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Here's All the Surprise Entrants

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WWE’s annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view is never complete without surprise entrants in the titular matches, and here’s who showed up in 2019. While it wasn’t the case in the early years, once it became entrenched as a WWE tradition, the Royal Rumble match became famous for its propensity to include participants fans wouldn’t expect. It’s almost a game for fans at this point, trying to guess what random retired legend, brand new signing, or NXT sensation will make an unadvertised appearance in the Rumble.With last year’s advent of the 30-woman Royal Rumble match, that’s become even more of a fun activity, as a combined 60 entrants leads to lots of opportunities for the unexpected. While the 2019 Royal Rumble matches weren’t quite as surprise-packed as some previous editions, there were still some inclusions sure to bring a smile to the face of wrestling fans. Before the list of proper surprise entrants begins, it’s also worth mentioning that Hornswoggle the leprechaun made a hilarious cameo in the women’s Rumble, chasing the cowardly Zelina Vega out from under the ring.Related: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch Win WWE Royal Rumble Matches, Head to WrestleManiaGoing into Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, WWE had officially announced 20 entrants for the men’s Rumble match, and 23 for the women’s. However, R-Truth didn’t end up competing in the men’s match, and Lana didn’t end up competing in the women’s. This left 11 possible surprise slots open for the men, and eight for the women. Surprise participants in the men’s Rumble included: Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne, Aleister Black, Dolph Ziggler, and Nia Jax. Surprise participants in the women’s Rumble included: Xia Li, Kairi Sane, Maria Kanellis, Candice LeRae, Kacy Catanzaro, Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley, and Becky Lynch.

For those wondering, the other four possible surprise slots for the men were filled by regular roster members Shinsuke Nakamura, No Way Jose, Curt Hawkins, and Shelton Benjamin, so you can’t really call them big shocks. His Rumble appearance represents recent Hall of Fame inductee Jarrett’s first match for WWE since 1999. Fellow Hall of Famer Angle’s entry marks his first appearance in the standard 30-man Rumble since 2005.Gargano just won the NXT North American championship at Takeover on Saturday, while Dunne is the current NXT U.K. champion. Black just battled Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT title at Takeover, while Ziggler was returning from about a month’s hiatus. Jax’s entry was the biggest news, becoming only the fourth woman to enter the men’s Rumble match after beating down R-Truth and taking his spot. It’s rare to see men fight women in today’s PG-rated WWE, so it was a bit surreal to see Jax get taken out by the likes of Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio.Li and Shirai are rising players in NXT, after having competed in the Mae Young Classic tournament. Sane won that tournament before, and is a former NXT women’s champion. She was also a surprise entrant in 2018. Catanzaro is a former American Ninja Warrior contestant, and is now part of NXT. Ripley was the first NXT U.K. women’s champion, while LeRae is another rising NXT talent, and also the wife of Gargano. Kanellis spends most of her time managing her husband Mike, and rarely competes for WWE. Lynch – the eventual winner – took the spot of an injured Lana, after losing to SmackDown Women’s Champion Asuka in the opening match.More: John Cena Apologizes to The Rock for Criticizing His Jump to Hollywood

SNL: James McAvoy Hilariously Parodies The Bachelor

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Hosting last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, actor James McAvoy blithely parodied the current season of ABC’s The Bachelor with a skit called “Virgin Hunk.” While it was McAvoy’s first time hosting the sketch comedy show, many have already lauded his performance and ability to keep up with the rapid change of pace.McAvoy currently stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, which bookends the director’s superhero trilogy that follows the storyline of Unbreakable and Split. McAvoy’s character Kevin Wendell Crumb was the focal point of 2017’s surprise box office hit Split, wherein he plays a man with 23 distinct personalities until a 24th emerges, known as The Beast. Glass brings back Bruce Willis’ seemingly indestructible character David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson’s criminal mastermind Elijah Price from Unbreakable, adding McAvoy’s unpredictable Crumb into the mix to create the ultimate superpowered showdown.Related: Saturday Night Live Trolls Netflix Originals With Parody CommercialOne of last night’s SNL skits had McAvoy playing a bachelor named Dolton in a parody of the current lead of The Bachelor Colton Underwood. Starring on a mock reality show called “Virgin Hunk,” McAvoy’s character is described as a “26-year-old virgin whose job is ‘Exercises’ [and who] has to choose between 30 women who didn’t vote.” Dolton, who’s from “Turd River, Colorado,” is repeatedly approached by the female cast members who are taking turns wooing him. Cecily Strong’s contestant “Hennessy” is 31 so she’s considered “almost dead” and her ex-boyfriend Dirty John dumped her for being too clingy. Heidi Gardner’s contestant Jessica C. wears a sash titled “Miss Vagina” instead of “Miss Virginia”, mocking the fact that there are currently two pageant contestants on The Bachelor. Throughout the skit, the cast of contestants interject staple refrains like “I missed you” and “Can I steal him for a sec?” McAvoy’s Dolton, however, is “ready to find love with one of these randos” and is only waiting to have sex “until the producers say ‘go’.”The lack of reality on so-called reality shows is a running joke at this point. SNL for its part has been parodying the concept for years with other sketches like “Farm Hunk,” “Beard Hunk,” and even “Bland Man.” While shows like this are seemingly easy to lampoon, it’s interesting to note that there are crazy rules and mandatory psychological testing situations for the actual contestants of The Bachelor, which helps create the outlandish exhibition we see.McAvoy likely won’t be appearing on a reality show anytime soon, but he’s set to reprise his role as Professor Xavier in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, as well as star in the IT sequel IT: Chapter Two – assuming Bill Skarsgard dressed as Pennywise didn’t freak him out too much on set. One thing that does seem more likely than not for McAvoy is another chance to host SNL in the future.Next: James McAvoy Isn’t Sure The X-Men Could Fit Into The MCUSource: SNL

[Spoilers] Win WWE Royal Rumble Matches, Head to WrestleMania

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WWE just held its annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view, featuring 30 men and 30 women vying for a main event spot at WrestleMania, and here’s who won. Invented in 1988, the Royal Rumble match is an ingenious twist on the standard over-the-top-rope battle royal. 30 competitors – normally, although two matches have had 40 and 50 participants, respectively – take part, with two starting, then a new challenger entering after a predetermined time interval. The Royal Rumble is many wrestling fans’ favorite match of the year, and it’ll likely remain a tradition as long as WWE exists.Some of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time have won the Royal Rumble, with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin holding the record for most wins, winning in 1997, 1998, and 2001. Austin is one of only three men to win the Royal Rumble in consecutive years as well, along with Hulk Hogan (1990 and 1991) and Shawn Michaels (1995 and 1996). Some other distinguished winners include Ric Flair, Bret Hart, The Rock, John Cena, Edge, and Triple H. Last year, WWE upped the ante, introducing a 30-woman Royal Rumble match into the mix. 2018’s Royal Rumble winners were Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka.Related: NXT Takeover Phoenix: Championships Change Hands & [Spoiler] ReunitesWith the 2019 Royal Rumble now in the books, two fan-favorite superstars managed to add their names to the illustrious club of Royal Rumble match winners. On the women’s side, “The Man” Becky Lynch won her Rumble, last eliminating bitter rival Charlotte Flair. As for the men, decorated former Shield member Seth Rollins emerged victorious, last eliminating “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman.

Lynch’s journey to winning the women’s Royal Rumble was an odd one, as she opened the show by losing to SmackDown women’s champion Asuka, and was not scheduled to be an entrant in the 30-woman Rumble field. However, in a clever bit of writing, Lynch was allowed to sub in for Lana, who had been injured in Rusev’s match against Nakamura earlier in the show. This allowed Lynch to be a surprise late entrant, and excite the Phoenix, AZ crowd to no end. In addition to eliminating Charlotte, Lynch also got some revenge against Nia Jax, who memorably broke her face in November.Rollins was considered a favorite to win by many, but some fans also thought WWE wrestlers like Drew McIntyre and Strowman had a good shot at picking up the victory. Despite being put through a table by Bobby Lashley, Rollins wouldn’t be denied, surviving a final four that also included Dolph Ziggler and Andrade “Cien” Almas. Rollins joins his former Shield teammate Roman Reigns as a Royal Rumble winner. Interestingly, Rollins’ final victim, Strowman, won the aforementioned 50-man Rumble last April in Saudi Arabia.More: Ronda Rousey Possibly Leaving WWE After WrestleMania

Kevin Can F— Himself Comedy In The Works From Rashida Jones

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A new sitcom, tentatively titled Kevin Can F— Himself, is currently being developed for AMC. The series comes from executive producers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, who were, at one point, slated to co-write the forthcoming Pixar sequel Toy Story 4. They dropped out in November 2017, citing “creative and philosophical differences” as well as “a culture where women and people of color do not have an equal creative voice.” This came in the wake of the sexual misconduct allegations against former chief creative officer John Lasseter, who has announced he will be leaving Disney/Pixar officially at the end of this year.Jones and McCormack, who both began their careers as actors, have since branched out to behind-the-camera work. Jones, best known for her starring role on beloved NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, released her directorial debut Celeste and Jesse Forever in 2012. She also produced the Netflix documentary series Hot Girls Wanted. The pair teamed up to executive produce the short-lived NBC comedy A to Z, and, through their Le Train Train production company, are also behind the TNT drama Claws.Related: Rashida Jones to Direct Goldie Vance Comic Book AdaptationNow, they’re taking on a very different project. As reported by EW, Kevin Can F— Himself will show family life from the perspective of the wife. Created by Valerie Armstrong, a staff writer during the second season of the David Boreanaz war drama SEAL Team, the series aims to tackle the trope of the beautiful, nagging wife who is married to a “caveman-like” jerk of a husband by giving the audience her perspective. From the logline:”Kevin Can F*** Himself, (working title) from creator Valerie Armstrong (SEAL Team) and executive producers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack through Le Train Train (Claws) explores the secret life of a woman we all grew up watching: the sitcom wife. A beauty paired with a less attractive, dismissive, caveman-like husband who gets to be a jerk because she’s a nag and he’s ‘funny.’ Our series looks to break television convention and ask what does the world look like through her eyes? Alternating between single-camera realism and multi-camera zaniness, the formats will be constantly informing one another as we ask what happens when this supporting character is presented as a real person? And what if that person is pissed?”AMC is flipping the script with the new comedy. The title is an obvious play on the now-canceled Kevin James sitcom Kevin Can Wait, which aired on ABC for two seasons. The series came under fire when the actor’s on-screen wife, played by Erinn Hayes, was unceremoniously killed off between the first and second season, and replaced by Leah Remini, who James starred with on The King of Queens a decade prior. The idea that any attractive woman can be substituted for another appears to be exactly in line with what this new series is aiming to address.In addition to Kevin Can F— Himself, another series is in development from Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers, the creators of AMC’s four-season period drama Halt and Catch Fire, which ended its run last year. David Madden, the network’s president of programming, spoke about the unique process in which the shows are being developed: Writers’ rooms are put together in order to create multiple scripts and determine how things will play out, prior to being ordered to series.More: Little Drummer Girl Sneak Peek Offers A Closer Look At AMC’s Upcoming ThrillerSource: EW

True Detective Season 3 Full Trailer: Mahershala Ali Is A Haunted Investigator

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HBO’s very serious crime series True Detective is set to return for season 3 in 2019, and the network has dropped the equally serious official full trailer to whet viewers’ appetites. The series took something of a sabbatical after the star-studded second season was met with plenty of critical derision, leading to Michael Lombardi, then-president of the network, taking some of the blame for its perceived creative shortcomings. Although it’s been a minute since the series was a fixture on HBO’s schedule, it’s set to make its comeback next year, and as the new trailer makes clear, it’s doing so with the help of Academy Award winning actor Mahershala Ali. Details on the new season have been around for a while. The new mystery will unfold in the Ozarks, and take place over three separate timelines, with Ali’s Detective Wayne Hayes becoming increasingly haunted by one particularly gruesome crime. Joining Ali are Stephen Dorff as Hayes’ partner, Roland West, as well as an impressive lineup of supporting characters played by Carmen Ejogo (Fantastic Beasts), Sarah Gadon (Alias Grace), Scoot McNary (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), and Mamie Gummer (Castle Rock). More: Guillermo del Toro, Rian Johnson & More React To FilmStruck’s ClosureFrom the look of things, True Detective season 3 will be something of a throwback for the series (an odd thing to say for a show with only two other seasons under its belt), wherein the multiple timelines will not only follow the investigation of the crime, but also the emotional and psychological price paid by those tasked with solving the offense. Take a look at the trailer below: That HBO and series creator/writer Nic Pizzolatto would want to return to a time when True Detective was a part of the weekly television conversation and a potential heir apparent to the premium cabler’s Game of Thrones franchise is no surprise. That may be a tall order, though, as with season 2 Pizzolatto will have to do without the creative influence of director Cary Fukunaga, who, it seems, had a lot to do with the show’s initial success. This time, Pizzolatto has the help of Deadwood creator David Milch (who is credited as a co-writer on an episode), and acclaimed filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room, Hold the Dark). Saulnier unfortunately left the project early for “scheduling conflicts,” though his refusal to speak on the record about the experience maybe says all that needs to be said about it. Picking up where Saulnier left off is television veteran Daniel Sackheim, who will share directorial duties on the new season with Pizzolatto himself. That combination will be something to keep an eye on as the season unfolds and Pizzolatto’s writing and directorial efforts are put on display. Next: Homecoming Review: Julia Roberts & Sam Esmail Team For A Smart Paranoid ThrillerTrue Detective season 3 premieres Sunday, January 13 @9pm on HBO.

Penguin Will Be Fat in Gotham Series Finale

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According to Gotham actor Robin Lord Taylor, his character, Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin, will be putting on the pounds in the series finale. With season 5 being the show’s last, Gotham is preparing the characters’ final transformations into the iconic figures fans know and love. Bruce Wayne will become Batman complete with Dark Knight Rises-esque Batsuit. Gotham may at last get its Joker. And Penguin will take on more of the attributes associated with him.Season 5 is the show’s shortest with only ten episodes. But it also looks to be one of the show’s busiest. The final season will be following the No Man’s Land story arc as well as introducing even more villains for Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne to contend with. It has already been confirmed that Shane West will appear as Bane. Magpie will make her live-action debut. Then there is the possibility of Harley Quinn appearing to assist her puddin’ in terrorizing the city. Now it appears that more classic Penguin references can be added to the ever-growing list of things for fans to look forward to.Related: Gotham Showrunners Finally Admit They Almost Turned Barbara Into Harley QuinnDuring the Gotham panel at New York Comic Con (via ComicBook), Taylor confirmed that in the finale, Penguin will look more like his comic book counterpart. When asked if he’ll be wearing a fat suit, Taylor replied, “Yes! Yeah, I get chunky.” According to showrunner John Stephens, Penguin and the rest of Gotham’s surviving residents will become more like their comic versions following a ten-year time jump in the final episode.But Penguin’s build isn’t the only thing changing about the character. ComicBook later got the chance to speak with Taylor about plans for his character throughout season 5. Taylor hinted that fans can expect his iteration of the Penguin to acquire some of the props associated with the comic version, saying:“I can’t spoil anything specific but definitely there are parts of the traditional iconography of the Penguin that are coming into play this year. We’ve done everything else with this character it has its own unique twists and it’s also earned and everything makes sense this character is turning into the traditional Penguin that we all know and so we see it visually as well as emotionally.”Transforming Taylor’s Penguin into more of a classic version of the character will likely excite hardcore fans of the comics. The change may or may not be as well received by Gotham loyalists who have grown attached to the show’s spin on the iconic characters. Taylor’s Penguin has often been called the breakout character of Gotham and depending on how far the show’s writers intended to take his transformation, they could risk upsetting viewers who have stuck by the series. But while the show has had its ups and downs, Gotham has managed to keep audiences entertained with their dark and campy take on the Batman comics. Whatever Gotham has in store for audiences, fans are likely to enjoy the ride up until the very end.More: Batman Villain Gotham Never Got To Adapt, According To ShowrunnersSource: ComicBook