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Namaste! You can now talk to Google Home in Hindi

Google has announced Hindi language update on Google Assistant for Google Home smart speakers for users in India. Google Home will also be able to respond in Hindi with uniquely Indian contexts.
Earlier this year, Google Assistant was made available in Hindi on smartphones allowing more users in India to take advantage of the Assistant. Last year, Google launched the Assistant in Hindi in Allo as well as made a special version available for Jio feature phones.
To converse with Google Home in Hindi, you’d need to set up Google Assistant to recognize the language on the Google Home app on your phone. Tap the ‘Account’ icon at the lower-right corner, then select ‘Settings’. Upon navigating to the ‘Assistant’ tab, select ‘Add a language’, and set ‘हिंदी (भारत)’ as the first language in the list.
Once set up, you can just say “Ok Google” to start a conversation with the Google Assistant on Google Home and ask a question in Hindi. Here’s a list of all the things that Google Assistant can do in Hindi.

Amazon is celebrating Alexa’s fourth birthday with some great hardware sales

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Amazon is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its Alexa digital assistant with a big sale.
It includes discounts on Alexa-enabled devices like Echo smart speakers, Fire tablets and more
The Alexa birthday sales lasts from now until Nov. 6.

Happy birthday to Alexa. Four years ago, Amazon publically announced it had created the Alexa digital assistant to work with the first version of its Echo smart speaker. Since then, Alexa has expanded its reach and is now available not just on Amazon’s own hardware products, like its Fire TV devices and Fire tablets, but also on tons of third-party hardware products as well.
To celebrate, Amazon is holding a big Alexa birthday sale from now until November 6, with special discounts and offers on many Alexa-based devices.  Here’s a look at just some of the products with price cuts and offers:

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) – $29.99 (save $10)
Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) – $100 for four (save $60)
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – $80 for two (save $20)
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – $117 for three (save $33)
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K  – $90 for two with code TWOPACK (save $10)
Amazon Echo Look camera/speaker –  $99.99 (save $100)
Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition  – $59.99 (save $10)
Amazon Echo Show (2nd Edition) – $360 for two (save $100)
Acer Spin 5 Windows 10 notebook with Alexa built-in –  $759.99 (save $140)
Anker Roav Viva Car Charger with Alexa built-in – $39.99 (save $8.52)

You can check out all of Alexa birthday sales at the link below. Which one of the discounted devices will you be buying during the sale?
Check out all of Amazon’s Alexa birthday sales

Diablo: Immortal will go dungeon crawling on Android; pre-register now

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced its second mobile game, Diablo: Immortal, for Android and iOS.
It is a full-fledged action-RPG and takes place between the events of Diablo II and III.
You can pre-register for the game now at the Google Play Store.

Blizzard is the home to some of the biggest game franchises of all time: Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, and more recently Overwatch. Today, the developer announced its second-ever mobile game (after the collectible card RPG Hearthstone) with Diablo: Immortal.
Diablo: Immortal — which Blizzard is co-developing with NetEase — is no mere port of any previous Diablo PC or console game. Diablo: Immortal was developed from the ground up as a stand-alone mobile experience.
For lore nerds, the storyline in Diablo: Immortal takes place between the events of Diablo II and III. The Archangel Tyrael is believed to be dead, while the Worldstone has been shattered into various fragments. Those Worldstone segments are the source of new and ancient evil creatures who want to use the stone’s power to take over the land.

Players will be able to choose from six classes (Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Crusader, Demon Hunter, and Necromancer), and each class will have a set of at least 12 skills. Blizzard promises that Diablo: Immortal will give fans of the franchise an authentic action-RPG “hack and slash” gameplay experience on smartphones and tablets. It will include touch controls which will allow players to begin an ability, charge it up, aim it, and fire it from just a single thumb input.
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There will be nine outdoors areas in which to explore and fight for the game’s initial launch, and you can expect to encounter lots of new creatures never before seen in a Diablo game. Blizzard is also promising to add in a lot of social features so you can connect with your entire friends list when you start playing.
While Blizzard has yet to confirm a release date for Diablo: Immortal, you can go ahead and pre-register for the game right now at the Google Play Store. By doing so, you may get invited to participate in some pre-release beta tests, along with earning some exclusive in-game items.
Are you excited about Diablo: Immortal coming to your phone in the near future?
Pre-register at Google Play

Deal: Grab the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Lavender Purple for $140 off

It might be tempting to just wait and see what 2019 has in store for smartphones, but Amazon’s deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might make you want to reconsider your options. The online retailer recently brought the Galaxy Note 9’s price down to $859.
That is a $140.99 savings from the phone’s normal $999.99 price. It might not seem like a tremendous discount, particularly seeing how we have seen more significant Galaxy Note 9 deals on eBay. That said, this is the U.S. version with a full one-year warranty, Snapdragon 845 processor, and Samsung Pay functionality.
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The U.S. version also excludes the dual SIM slots, though you still get the microSD card slot if you want more than the 128GB the phone comes with. Finally, you can only get the $859 Galaxy Note 9 in Lavender Purple. The Midnight Black option still sits at $999.99, while the Ocean Blue is slightly discounted to $974.97.
As a quick recap, the Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with 2,960 x 1,440 resolution, dual rear 12-megapixel cameras, the aforementioned Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage, and a 4,000mAh battery. The phone also includes the S-Pen that gives it its namesake, with the stylus featuring Bluetooth connectivity.
You can pick up this deal at the link below. We are not sure how long Amazon plans to offer the Galaxy Note 9 at this price, so it is best to jump on it sooner than later.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung will open Bixby to developers, hopefully make it better

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Samsung will open up Bixby to developers, allowing third-parties to create features for the virtual assistant.
By opening up Bixby to developers, Samsung hopes to catch up with Amazon and Google, which already allow the practice.
The Samsung Galaxy Home — the company’s Bixby-powered smart speaker — still has no release date.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Samsung will make an announcement at the Samsung Developers Conference next week. It’s expected Samsung will open up Bixby for development by third-parties.
This wouldn’t be the first time Samsung has allowed third-party developers to work with Bixby, but it would be the first time Samsung’s opened the doors so wide to the public.
It’s likely that Samsung hopes third-party devs will help Bixby catch up to its more-prominent rivals: Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. As of now, Bixby is behind even Microsoft’s Cortana when it comes to usage by the general public.
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Thanks to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, the virtual assistant market is a crowded one. Nonetheless, Samsung entered the fray with Bixby in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus …
At the Developers Conference, Samsung will outline how engineers can create “capsules” for Bixby, which sound a lot like the Skills developers already create for Alexa. These Skills enable Alexa to perform tasks like read the news, play games, or book a table at a restaurant.
Although Bixby is way behind when it comes to general adoption, Samsung has an ace up its sleeve: the fact that it sells over 500 million electronic products each year, everything from televisions to refrigerators to smartphones. Every single one of those products could receive Bixby integration, which Samsung plans to do by 2020.
By harnessing the talents of third-party developers, Samsung could turn Bixby into a major competitor to Alexa and Google Assistant. However, it’s an uphill battle for Samsung, especially when you consider the company’s household smart speaker — the Samsung Galaxy Home — is still MIA with no release date in sight.
At the Samsung Developers Conference, we also expect to finally hear some concrete details about its upcoming foldable smartphone, which the company has been working on for years.
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Report: Some new smartphones have worse battery life than old counterparts

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A new report from The Washington Post suggests some newer smartphones get worse battery life than their older counterparts.
Specifically, the Google Pixel 3 and Apple iPhone XS tested worse than their previous models.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tested the best of all the Android phones on the list.

Over at The Washington Post, journalist Geoffrey A. Fowler conducted a series of battery life tests on popular smartphones, including both Android and iOS devices. Fowler found that some new devices actually fared worse than their older counterparts in his tests.
One would usually assume that the newer a smartphone is, the better its battery life will be. However, Fowler found that in a few cases, the older device fares better than the newer device when it comes to battery life.
For Android, Fowler found that both the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL tested better than the Google Pixel 3. However, both second-generation Pixels didn’t do as well as the Google Pixel 3 XL.
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For iOS, it appears the Apple iPhone XS didn’t fare as well as the iPhone X. In fact, the iPhone 8 Plus handily beat the iPhone XS and XS Max.
Remarkably, the iPhone XR topped the entire list when it comes to battery life, beating out the top Android device — the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — by a slight margin.
Check out Fowler’s full chart of results below:
The Washington Post
Despite the anomalies of the Pixels and iPhones, most of the results do tend to match with the idea that newer phones get better life than older phones. The results also suggest bigger phones get better battery life, which makes sense because they usually have bigger batteries.
To conduct his test, Fowler used a light meter to set every device at the exact same brightness level. He then used a script to make the devices endlessly scroll through web pages. The results you see above are how long it took for each device to go from 100 percent battery to empty.
What do you think? Have you noticed worse battery life on a newer device as compared to a previous model in the line? Let us know your experiences in the comments!
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Target and Kohl’s Black Friday ads give us a sneak peek of what’s to come

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Target and Kohl’s unveiled their ads for Black Friday.
Target kicks off its Black Friday deals Thanksgiving Day.
Black Friday deals through Kohl’s kick off November 19 and last through November 23.

With October finally behind us, it is time to talk about Black Friday. You might think it is too early to talk about one of the biggest shopping days of the year, but tell that to Target and Kohl’s. The two retailers recently put out their Black Friday ads, so let’s take a look and see what deals they offer.
Starting with Target, the retailer’s Black Friday deals start at 5:00PM local time on Thanksgiving Day. Doors then close at 1:00AM on Friday, only for them to re-open at 7:00AM later that day. As such, plan appropriately if you plan to stay at home on Thanksgiving and want an early start on your Black Friday shopping.
Here are some of the Target Black Friday deals which might interest you:

55-inch Samsung Smart HDR Ultra HD – $399.99 ($130 off)
65-inch Samsung Smart HDR Ultra HD – $649.99 ($180 off)
50-inch Philips Smart HDR Ultra HD – $249.99 ($180 off)


Fitbit Versa – $149 ($50.95 off)
Samsung Galaxy Watch – $259.99 ($70 off)
Samsung Gear S3 – $199.99 ($100 off)
Fossil Q Venture Gen 3 Venture – $165 ($110 off)

Smart home

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation – $19.99 ($20 off)
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation – $24 ($25.99 off)
Amazon Echo 2nd Generation – $99 ($50 off)
Google Home – $79 ($50 off)
Google Home Hub – $99 ($50 off)
Third-generation Google Chromecast – $25 ($10 off)


Google Pixel 3 – $200 Target gift card (with activation)
Google Pixel 3 XL – $200 Target gift card (with activation)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – $300 Target gift card (with activation)

Target will have many more Black Friday deals, but these are the ones which caught our eys. We will provide links to the deals once they go live.
Flickr/Mike Mozart
Not to be outdone, Kohl’s will also have a good number of Black Friday deals. Weirdly enough, Kohl’s kicks off its deals November 19 online, with offline deals starting November 22 at 4:00PM EST.
Keep in mind Kohl’s will give out $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend between November 19 and November 23. Additionally, Kohl’s offers an extra 15 percent off its discounted items when you use promo code CHEERFUL at checkout. The promo code is valid from November 19 through November 23.
Here are some of the Kohl’s Black Friday deals that you might want to pay attention to:

58-inch Samsung 4K Smart TV – $549.99 ($350 off) and $165 in Kohl’s Cash
49-inch LG 4K Smart TV – $329.99 ($120 off) and $90 in Kohl’s Cash


Fitbit Versa – $149.99 ($50 off) and $45 in Kohl’s Cash
Fitbit Ionic – $199.99 ($70 off) and $60 in Kohl’s Cash

Smart home

Nest Cam Outdoor – $149.99 ($50 off) and $45 in Kohl’s Cash
Either the Nest Hello or Nest Learning Thermostat – $179.99 ($50 and $70 off, respectively) and $45 in Kohl’s Cash
Ring Video Doorbell 2 – $139.99 ($60 off) and $30 in Kohl’s Cash
Amazon Echo 2nd Generation – $69 ($30 off) and $15 in Kohl’s Cash
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation – $24 ($25.99 off)
Google Home Hub – $99 ($50 off) and $15 in Kohl’s Cash
Google Home – $79 ($50 off) and $15 in Kohl’s Cash
Google Home Mini – $25 ($24 off)

As with Target’s deals, these are not all of the Kohl’s Black Friday deals. That said, we will continue to look through them and provide links as soon as they go live. Also, make sure to check out our ongoing coverage of Black Friday 2018 as additional retailers announce their deals.

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US might see the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core, Samsung’s first Android Go device

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FCC regulatory filings hint at the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core coming to the United States.
The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is the first Samsung device to run Android Go (Oreo).
Since this would be an incredibly cheap device, it likely will come to MVNO carriers like Boost Mobile and Cricket.

Back in August, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core in India and Malaysia. The ultra-budget device is the first smartphone from Samsung to run Android Go (the Oreo edition).
Now, via SamMobile, it looks likely the Galaxy J2 Core will be coming to the United States. This rumor stems from a set of FCC filings which show a pair of Samsung model numbers receiving approval. Those model numbers match with the Galaxy J2 Core.
The Galaxy J2 Core has a cheap form factor with very thick bezels (see above). It also is no powerhouse with only 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 2,600mAh battery, and a 5-inch 960×540 TFT display.
Editor’s PickGalaxy J2 Core announced: This is Samsung’s first Android Go device Samsung

Android Go smartphones had a solid debut at Mobile World Congress back in February, as the likes of Nokia and ZTE showed off low-end devices. Now, it’s Samsung’s turn to join the party …
In India and Malaysia, the device sells for 6,190 rupees (~$85). However, you can already buy an unlocked model of the device direct from Samsung via its store, and the device’s price starts at $94. Therefore, it’s hard to judge exactly how much these newly-approved models will go for.
Since this is a cheap device with low-grade hardware, we don’t expect the J2 Core to come to any of the Big Four carriers. Instead, it’s far more likely the J2 Core will land on MVNOs like Boost Mobile or Cricket.
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Chelsea 2-2 Manchester United: Ross Barkley Scores Last-Minute Equaliser To Maintain Blues’ Unbeaten Start

Ross Barkley scored a dramatic stoppage-time equaliser as Chelsea secured a heated 2-2 draw against Manchester United to maintain their unbeaten start to the season.
Jose Mourinho’s dream of a walking away with all the three points from Stamford Bridge ended in a heartbreaking and heated manner. The Red Devils were looking set to win the clash against the Blues after Anthony Martial scored twice in the second half to help his side take the lead following Antonio Rudiger’s opener in the first half. But with seconds left on the clock, Ross Barkley found the back of the net salvage a dramatic draw.
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Chelsea vs Manchester United (Credits: Reuters)
The last-gasp equaliser sparked wild scenes as Chelsea second assistant Marco Ianni ran across Mourinho’s path in celebration, which angered the United manager and in-turn sparked scuffles on the sidelines and in the tunnel.
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Chelsea opened the scoring in the 21st minute when from Willian’s corner, Rudiger escaped from his marker and buried his header inside the goal. The Blues continued the domination as they enjoyed 60 per cent of the possession in the first half. They even had the chance to double their lead before the break but Alvaro Morata squandered the chance from just inside the box.
Chelsea vs Manchester United (Credits: Reuters)
United began the second half on the front foot and soon got the reward. Anthony Martial hit the equaliser ten minutes after the restart to turn the game on its head.
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N’Golo Kante forced a fine save from David de Gea 20 yards out before Manchester United struck again to take the lead. Juan Mata found himself free on the right, squaring to Marcus Rashford and then onto Martial, who curled a fine effort into the far bottom corner from 15 yards.
Chelsea vs Manchester United (Credits: Reuters)
The visitors were looking primed to walk away with all the points before the dramatic event unfolded in the dying seconds. First David Luiz hit the post with a header, Rudiger’s follow up was superbly saved by De Gea, before Barkley drove into the goal with ease.
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Mohamed Salah Fires Lacklustre Liverpool TO Narrow Win Over Huddersfield

Mohamed Salah scored his first goal in five club games as Liverpool laboured to a hard-fought 1-0 win over struggling Huddersfield.
Liverpool were once again far from being at their best. However, unlike the previous seasons, the Reds once again managed to take all the points from a game where they clearly struggled. Their only shot on target all match proved to be the winner as Salah latched on to Xherdan Shaqiri’s through ball (24) to score his 50th goal in English football.
The result means Liverpool move back up to second behind leaders Manchester City on goal difference while Huddersfield remain in 19th on three points.
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Huddersfield vs Liverpool (Credits: AFP)
Hit by several injuries, Jurgen Klopp named Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge in the starting lineup. And the Reds clearly struggled to start the game on a strong note. They particularly struggled to test the home side in the final third. But minutes before the half-hour mark,  Shaqiri found Salah in a pocket of space before the Egyptian poked it across Jonas Lossl to score his fourth goal of the season.
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Huddersfield soon came agonisingly close to scoring the equaliser when Hogg’s fierce strike from 25 yards hit the post. Huddersfield continued to pile pressure but luck deserted them. They will feel they were denied a first-half penalty when the ball brushed both James Milner’s thigh and hand. Soon, they saw a goal ruled out for offside when Alex Pritchard found the back of the net with a good finish.
Huddersfield vs Liverpool (Credits: AFP)
After the break, a header from Laurent Depoitre forced Alisson into his only save of the match 10 minutes into the second half. The second half did not produce any eye-catching chance from either of the teams. Salah had the chance to put the game to the bed but he stroked his effort wide of the far post.
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The home side also had the chance to equaliser with just ten minutes remaining. However, after Virgil van Dijk and Dejan Lovren failed to clear a cross, Steve Mounie could only fire over from 10 yards out as Liverpool held on to walk away with all the points.
Huddersfield vs Liverpool (Credits: AFP)
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