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LOOK: Dallas Cowboys Fan Perfects Jason Garrett Halloween Costume

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Halloween was a couple of days ago, but all of social media is still flooded with many creative costumes from October 31st. This year, there were tons of athletes and fans who were involved in dressing up for the holiday, and the results were great from what we’ve seen over the month of October.
The accuracy to a lot of sports fans costumes was excellent this year. But there’s more to it than just the look if you want to go viral on social media. For example, there’s a Dallas Cowboys fan (or maybe not) out there who decided to dress up like Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett. Not only did he perfect the actual look of Garrett, but he perfected the whole impression. From the way that he moved, to the things that he said was absolutely spot on.
Now that Twitter got a video of the “fan,” it is spreading like wildfire as everybody cannot get enough of the Jason Garrett impression. Check it out!
Jason Garrett’s Doppelganger

Nah son perfected this. 😭😭😭
— . (@_tjs27) November 2, 2018

From the large waistband containing who knows what, to the clapping and spitting. This entire idea was executed perfectly by this guy. It’s unclear if this football fan likes the Cowboys or not, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he were a fan. After all, Garrett hasn’t had the greatest track record with fans during his tenure. Especially from last season up until now.
Cowboys fan or not though, many people enjoyed the spot-on impression. It’s not rare for coaches to be imitated on Halloween, but it is very rare that we get a video as good as this one. Hopefully, this fan inspires more Halloween go-ers to go all out next season with their ideas and costumes that are NFL related. This year was quite entertaining, to say the least.

Cowboys’ Stephen Jones Addresses Job Security of Coaching Staff

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Say what you will, but the Dallas Cowboys front office is doing its best to remain loyal to Jason Garrett and the team’s coaching staff. Even if no one actually believes anything they’re saying.
The Cowboys have been brutally bad on offense with the exception of running back Ezekiel Elliott. Between that rough start and the team’s 2-3 record, the topic of job security for Jason Garrett and the other coaches has come up often.
On Thursday, Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones spoke to MMQB’s Albert Breer and addressed the topic with the perfect non-answer.
“No,” Cowboys COO Stephen Jones answered late Wednesday afternoon, over his cell phone. “I think we’re all coaching to win football games, we’re all managing to win football games, we’re all playing to win football games. We’re not worried about jobs right now.”
That’s all fine to hear, but Jones can’t possibly think anyone missed the last two words in that statement – “right now.”

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Not Happy
Garrett’s decision not to go for it on fourth-and-one in overtime against the Houston Texans in Week 5 was heavily scrutinized, and for good reason. The Cowboys easily could have lost that game in regulation on a late Texans drive, and the Dallas offense was finally moving the ball. But instead of trying to win the game, Garrett opted to punt from inside Houston territory.
Shortly after the game, owner Jerry Jones made a comment on the decision which was close to spot on, courtesy of the team’s official website:
“We were being outplayed. It’s time for risks at that particular time,” he said.
Both Stephen and Jerry Jones may support the coaching staff right now, but if a few more losses come and the offense doesn’t get rolling, the tune will change sooner than later.
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LOOK: Giants RB Saquon Barkley Draws Barry Sanders Comparison From Dez Bryant

Free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant took some time away from tweeting about his former team, and instead heaped praise on one of the NFL’s newest stars. During an impressive first half from New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley in Week 6, Bryant took to Twitter to show some love.
And the longtime Dallas Cowboys pass-catcher did so by comparing Barkley to legendary NFL running back Barry Sanders.

whenever somebody do comparisons it’s way off.. the Barkley sanders comparison its 100% legit
— Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) October 12, 2018

The Barkley-Sanders comparison has certainly been tossed out before, but most are quick to pump the brakes on it. Apparently, Bryant isn’t one of those people. While Barkley has looked exceptional in the Thursday Night Football matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, the same can’t be said about the rest of the team.
At halftime, the Giants trailed 24-6 and Barkley was one of the lone bright spots. He’s totaled 71 rushing yards on nine carries while catching four passes for 78 yards.

Barkley’s Impressive Rookie Season Thus Far
Whenever you pick a running back in the top-five of the NFL draft, there’s plenty of risk involved. The transition from college to playing at the NFL level is incredibly tough for the position. Fortunately, Barkley’s ability to do it all has helped ease the growing pains.
Through the first five games (slightly more now), the Giants rookie has managed to dominate as a pass-catcher whenever he’s unable to get the ground game going. He’s also scored five touchdowns through those first five games as well. It seems Barkley’s transition is going smoothly to this point, aside from his team’s struggles.
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