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Marvel Finally Explains The Secret of ROGUE's Power

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Warning: SPOILERS for Mr. and Mrs. X #9After all these years, the X-Men comics have finally revealed how Rogue’s mutant powers really work. Created by the legendary comic book writer Chris Claremont, for years Rogue has struggled to control her ability–absorbing the powers and memories of anyone she touches. As X-Men movie fans also know, her powers were activated when she was just a teenager, and shared her first kiss with her boyfriend. She left him in a coma.Rogue has occasionally succeeded in mastering her powers, but it’s always been fleeting. Worse still, they’ve recently expanded to the extent that they no longer require her to touch someone to drain the life from those around her. That makes her a deadly threat to anyone around her, and Rogue’s been forced to wear an inhibitor collar to keep her abilities in check.Related: X-Men Comics Introduce Professor X’s Alien DaughterThis week’s Mr and Mrs X #9 finally reveals just how Rogue’s powers really work. The mutant teleporter Spiral believes that something in Rogue’s past holds the key to controlling her abilities. She takes Rogue on a whistle-stop tour of her own memories, reliving key moments when she’s used her powers. To her surprise, Rogue identifies a similarity between every one of those moments: her own fear. When she kissed Cody Robbins, she was feeling the normal mix of excitement and fear any teenager experiences when sharing their first kiss. That horrific experience primed Rogue to fear her own abilities, and that fear is the reason control has eluded her all these years.Matters were made worse by her experiences in the “X-Tinction Agenda” event. A major 1990 crossover, that saw Rogue stripped of her powers by the Magistrates of Genosha. As a text box noted, “All they did was touch her. Rude hands, ruder glances–taunting promises of worse to come. She couldn’t stop them. For so long, she dreamed of being able to touch another person, without her power absorbing his/her psyche. To hold, to caress, to kiss, just like any other normal teenage girl. In those dreams, it was the most beautiful of moments. She never imagined being handled against her will.”It seems this experience left Rogue traumatized and conflicted, with a part of her subconscious fearful of intimacy. The closer she got to someone, the more afraid she became, and the less control she had of her powers. That’s why Rogue’s love life has been such a mess. According to Mr and Mrs X #9, all Rogue needs to do to finally gain control of her abilities is face her fears. Of course, that’s easier said than done; it will mean confronting her fears every single day, and at times it will no doubt prove exhausting. But at those moments, Rogue will simply slip on an inhibitor collar for relief.For now, though, realizing the truth about her abilities allows Rogue to master her powers, and she takes to the skies to fight alongside Gambit once again. And a comic book mystery that’s been running since 1981 has finally been answered.Mr and Mrs X #9 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.More: The X-Men’s Rogue & Gambit Just Got Married

LEGO Batman Sets Unveiled in Celebration of Batman's 80th Anniversary

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LEGO has unveiled a new range of Batman sets to mark the 80th anniversary of the creation of the iconic superhero. It was back in 1939 on March 30 that Batman made his comic book debut. Since then, the Caped Crusader has appeared in almost every medium imaginable from television and film to animation, video games and toys and has been played by actors including the late, great Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. He’s one of the best-loved superheroes of all time, so his 80th birthday is a pretty big deal and it’s being marked in various ways from DC Universe making its content free for a day to DC and Warner Bros releasing 1.5 million bats at SXSW.By no means is this the first time that the iconic brick toy and superhero legend have collaborated. LEGO first started releasing Batman themed sets in 2006 and more recently of course there was The LEGO Batman Movie – the hugely popular first spinoff in the Lego Movie franchise. Now, even more LEGO sets are debuting from the company as a way to honor Batman’s 80th birthday.Related: Why the World Needs Lego BatmanLEGO, in celebration of Batman’s 80th birthday, will release six new sets on August 1 that are iconic to the Batman universe and are sure to delight DC and LEGO fans alike. Fan favourite vehicles including the Batmobile and the Batman Batwing are included in the celebratory sets alongside iconic friends and foes of Batman including The Joker, The Riddler and Shazam – who recently made his debut in the DCEU. Take a look at images of all six sets below.The six sets range in price from $9.99 to $99.99 and vary in size from 59 pieces to 1038 pieces so there’s something to suit Batman and LEGO fans of every ability and budget. The exact names, sizes and prices of each set are as follows:Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery (59 pieces, $9.99)Freeze Batcycle Battle (200 pieces, $19.99)Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker (342 pieces, $29.99)Batman and The Joker Escape (171 pieces, $39.99)Batwing and The Riddler Heist (489 pieces, $49.99)Batcave Clayface Invasion (1038 pieces, $99.99)Though it’s the priciest and most complicated set, the pièce de résistance of LEGO’s new Batman range is undoubtedly the Batcave Clayface Invasion set. Featuring a Batcave equipped with a Batcomputer zone, a weapons room and jail cells, the set is themed around a tense stand-off between Batman, Robin and Batwoman and baddies Clayface, Catwoman and Two-Face. Although for lovers of LEGO, Batman fans and anybody who’s a big kid at heart, any of the new LEGO Batman sets will provide hours of fun.Next: The Best (And Most Important) Batman Comics Of All-TimeSource: LEGO